Frequently Asked Questions

You can rent a unit by coming to the Suncrest Mini Storage. Please park in the parking spaces across from the managers Office. Come into the office and someone will assist you in selecting a unit. After choosing a unit, you will be asked to read and sign a lease. After paying for the unit, you will be assigned a code to open the small access gate. Rentals are on a monthly basis.

All of our units are on ground level, and easily accessible. While most units have a slide up/down door that is accessible from the outside, we have some small 5 x 5 or 5 x 10’s that are located in a “hallway”. These hallways require a key from the manager to access.

In most cases, depending on the size of your vehicle, you may drive your vehicle up to the unit. We do not offer air conditioned or temperature controlled units.

We do not offer tenant electrical power or water in any of the units.

Options to pay online include payment with a credit card or eCheck (direct bank debit). We also offer monthly Auto-payment (AutoPay) of your rent.

Yes. If the unit is far away, the manager will offer to transport you to the location in a golf cart or electric vehicle.

Yes. Go to our “contact us” page. You Will see a “get directions” link where you can view the map and print.

Cash, Safe direct debit from personal checking account (eCheck – one-time or autopay), Check, Money Order, Visa and MasterCard.

You need an original state issued Photo ID with current address and telephone number. Usually a Drivers License is used for identification purposes. You need to be at least age 18 to rent a unit.

Yes, We need your name and phone number. The Rental Agreement will be filled out when you arrive in person. Only the person named on the credit card may sign the Rental.

It can be tricky to estimate just how large a unit you will need. The manager can help narrow down your choices by asking some basic questions. If in doubt, chose a unit larger than what you expect to need. You may transfer to a smaller or larger unit at a later time without having to pay a new administration fee.


Tenants have access from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The gates are closed during major holidays. If you are unsure if you will be able to get in, please call the manager during office hours beforehand.

Hallway Keys are issued for the “Hallway units”, P124, P141, R194, and R220. The 5 x 5 and 10 x 5 corner lockers now have 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. access. The door on these units are now equipped with a dead bolt, replacing the padlock requiring an access key issued from the office. These units are now accessible during regular yard hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Only ONE hallway key per unit will be issued to a tenant. The tenant may keep the hallway key for the duration of his/her tenancy. The hallway key will need to be returned upon vacating the unit. A $3 charge will be imposed for lost or replacement hallway key, or hallway key not returned at move-out. An access key will be available by the manager during office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for those who may have “forgotten” their hallway keys.

We have 2 main gates that face Peoria Avenue. The “small” gate is for most vehicles and is opened by the manager or by entering your code into a computer keypad. The “large” gate is for all vehicles to exit, and for large vehicles like moving vans to enter. We also have a 3rd gate that is meant for very large vehicles in the rear of the Mini Storage facing 75th Avenue.

Only passenger and other vehicles under 6 feet in height may use the small entrance gate. Always WAIT until the gate is fully open before proceeding through it. Larger vehicles (moving vans, etc.) must be let in through the large main gate by the manager. The 75th Avenue gate is only opened by the manager.

No. You must obtain your own insurance. While it is not a requirement, we strongly suggest that you have insurance. Free brochures are available in the office from independant companies that offer insurance for your convenience. One such company is Tenant Property Protection . You may purchase insurance at the time of move-in, or at a later more convenient time.

We also suggest that you make a list of the items that you store in the unit. Taking photographs of your belongings is also very helpful.

As with any storage situation, you should keep your items from coming in direct contact with the floor. Boxes and other storage items should be placed on wood palettes or other suitable material. Plastic bags and covers can be used to keep dust out of storage items. NEVER store anything flammable, corrosive, or toxic.

Yes. A hardened steel disc lock is available for purchase at very reasonable cost or you may provide your own suitable lock.

Rent is due on the first of the month, but we do have a generous 10 day grace period before a $15 late fee is applied.

Rent is due on the first of each month.  There is ten (10) day grace period, after which your rent will be considered late.  So, any rents paid on or after the 11th will be considered late.

You must give five (5) days NOTICE (per your contract). If your rent is due, and you are moving out, you can pay up to nine (9) prorated days of rent. After nine (9) days past your due date, you must pay for the FULL month (or the remainder of your contract). The Administration charge is not refundable.

IMPORTANT !!! It is important for you to notify us that you are vacating if you are on AUTOPAY, so that we may deactivate that service.

Absolutely. You need to leave the unit in as good condition as it was rented to you. If something is spilled or damaged, please let our manager know so that we may advise you or help you in cleaning it up, or with repair. A cleaning fee may be charged to your account if the manager deems it necessary.

You need to fill out a “Move Out” form as soon as you know you will be leaving. This form notifies the manager in writing and prevents monthly rent charges from being placed on your account. When you do move out, please leave the unit empty and clean. Simply removing your possessions and removing the lock does not constitute a move out.

With the permission of the manager, you may deposit small amounts of clean trash (like paper) in the dumpster. If you have large items like furniture you will need to haul them to the city dump for disposal. Please ask first.

We sell boxes, locks, and tape.  We will be selling other packaging supplies in the future, so check back with us to see what other items we have in stock.

Suncrest Mini Storage reserves the right to change or modify without notice the topics addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ section of this webpage. This FAQ does not constitute a contract, and is for general information only.

NO. When you rent a unit you will be asked for those people who may have permission to gain access to your unit. If a person is not on the contact list then they will not be allowed on the property. The renter is responsible for the actions of the person they designate with permission to enter.


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  • “I’ve had the “opportunity” to store my personal items at a number of storage facilities around the country, as I’ve moved many times. Most of the time the experience is much the same- fill out the paperwork and rent the space, with no real interaction with staff between move-in and move-out day. However, my experience with “Suncrest Mini Storage” from day one has been entirely different. The management really does care about what they’re doing and concentrate their efforts on making this the “best” storage facility and experience for their customers. Everything is always immaculate. They’re cheerful and professional (an unusual combination these days), and they’re ready with answers and help when requested. They seem to enjoy their job(s), their customers, and one another.”

    J Lewis
  • “My stay here is in every way pleasant. The staff is so friendly and extremely helpful. The facility is located nearby, it is very clean, and secure (secure fencing, recording cameras everywhere and lighting is excellent). This is not a dump-and-go place. I truly enjoy going to this storage. The added amenities make it the best value by far.”

    B Roche
  • “Storing my goods at Suncrest Mini Storage was a wonderful experience. The management was always so helpful and I felt safe keeping my things at the facility. Suncrest Mini Storage is a beautiful facility and I would never consider going anywhere else.”

    T Lopez